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Dear Milton and to the staff at Hart's Mortuary,
Thanks again for all your help and support taking care of our sweet mother's last and final party. And thank you for the memorial gift of a tree planted to honor her. What a wonderful tribute to her!
Milton, thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. Planning funerals is so difficult but you made the process as pleasant as possible, even enjoyed a few laughs in planning. Thanks for your continued support of our family.

March 20, 2023

I can't praise the people at Hart's enough unfortunately we have used the more than I would have wanted to but they are wonderful people and go out of their way to make sure everything is right for you. Jenifer is so kind I did not realize she was at home with a hurt back when I called her. she continued to take my calls and get things going. and Craig was busy helping me to take care of other things I needed to do. you could never go wrong when they are both there in your time of sorrow.

July 31, 2021

I can not tell you how appreciative I am for all of the services that you provided my family during the funeral for my mom yesterday. You and your staff helped guide us through the decision making process and helped deliver a service that was truly memorable for this family. More importantly the personal touches you provided and the family like approach truly set you apart. Over the years you have always provided A+ service to my family at our time of need and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all that you have done for us. It goes far beyond simple funeral planning and execution...its a personal experience with Harts who truly cares about helping the family in areas that we never think about. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Harts to rely on when the need arises.

Jim Lumpkin
October 20, 2020

Our family wants express our heartfelt thanks for your supervision at his memorial service. You went above and beyond and truly won a future customer as well as telling everyone how wonderful you were.

May 3, 2020

Life is certainly about having to changeand doing so without knowing what's going to happen next. Family, friends and loved ones who lose someone precious to death, will be changed. Some very small and subtle and some very obvious, but you with your character and simple being, so eloquently walk so many through the hardest part. You are a jewel of a person and blessed to have you as a dear friend. I thank you and your staff for all you did in creating the best environment for that crossroad of change.
You are very dear to me and you've built a company of kind, loving people.

April 4, 2020

Milton ,you are the BEST. You took great care of my Mother in 97, and for Sarah Duke this January. Seeing you again after all these years was great. So thankful you are still helping families. Paul

Paul MacGregor husband of Beverly McBride
April 3, 2020

Milton has a great team in place and for me, I felt it along with the love and care. There is no better place to go through the emotions of burying a love one. Again, thank you so much.

March 28, 2020

You served my sister's family well. One of the things that impressed me was that you brought a large chest of ice to the home so there would be plenty for those persons who came by and might need a beverage. Then you came by after the service to swap out that ice chest with a newly filled one. I've never known a funeral home to provide that service before! So thank you!
Your facilities are lovely, and I was pleased that you served the family with care and compassion.

Elizabeth Dillard Smith
March 17, 2020

Dear Milton,
I want to thank you for all the time you spent with my family ensuring all the details of my mother's funeral went smoothly. Please let your staff know how much we appreciate their kindness. Mr. Mosely was so kind and caring. You ara an awesome funeral director but even more a phenomenal person.

September 26, 2019

Thank you - is such a small word, but this is no small thing you all did for B. I've never seen such wonderful giving people. I know you made God smile. Thank you again, for you have touched many lives with your giving heart.

July 24, 2019

Mr. Johnson and Hart's Mortuary -
Thank you so very much for sponsoring the meal for Jones County's Leaders In the Village event! Everyone enjoyed the barbecue and fellowship thanks to your generosity. Thank you again for your continued support of the Jones County School System!

M. N.
May 23, 2019

Mrs. Maria,
I want to thank you for all of your help. I feel you went above and beyond. Circumstances were not ideal and you helped make things still run so smoothly. I greatly appreciate you!
With love

May 23, 2019

Dearest Milton,
Our very deepest thanks to you and all of your devoted staff at Hart's for the gracious and poignant care with which you undertook the details of Mama's funeral arrangements. K., D. , and I were so very touched by each measure of your devotion in this most tragic life moment. We thank you for your beautiful and impeccable work at this most vulnerable hour of need. We admire and applaud your generations of service. Thank you forever for holding us closely.
With deepest gratitude

S. D.
April 19, 2019

Dear Hart's Mortuary and Staff,
My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for each one of you. Your help with planning D.'s funeral and making sure everything was perfect meant the world to me. Words can't express how much I appreciated all that your team has done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

April 19, 2019

Hey Milton. I want to thank youso much for my mom's service last week. Everything was absolutely perfect and momma would have been so pleased! Your staff was fabulous and my family will forever be so grateful to you and Hart's.

March 13, 2019

Dear Mr. Heard,
I just wanted to take the time to share with you, Pam's and my very positive experiences with Dwayne True.
Naturally, upon reading the postcard, we were lured by the prospect of a free meal plus the realization we probably needed to spend some time discussing these important transitions in one's life. We were very surprised at the presentation being it was informative, upbeat and even entertaining. Using the nation's healing, celebrating and mourning of 9/11/2001 as a template resonated not only with us, but also with the other guests at our table.
They say opposites attract and in our case given that I am an engineer and educator and Pam is an artist and very creative, our differences about how we approach things are striking. We see almost everything through different lenses, so it was necessary for Dwayne to be very patient with us and spend an extraordinary amount of time explaining many options. He made us aware of how many questions and decisions need to be made in a mere day or so when someone passes and we are incredibly thankful to him for giving us a venue and giving us the time to explore the options and make many decisions now instead of alone and in a vacuum.
We left our second meeting with Dwayne a few hours ago and we have a lot to think about and we certainly need to make a decision on whether to purchase either one of the two plans he presented to us today.
But, we both already agree upon one thing. Thanks to Dwayne's skillful representation of your firm as being quintessentially professional in every respect, you can rest assured that we will be calling upon Hart's when the need arises, no matter whether we subscribe to a pre-need plan or not.
So it is our fervent hope that when you weigh the value of Dwayne’s services to your firm, that you may also take into account the intangible goodwill he creates.
Very Truly Yours,
Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson
March 4, 2019

We are forever grateful to you, the staff of Hart's in Gray, Steve and Maria, for the kindness you've shown to our family. Your generosity continued beyond the initial funeral and arrangements to your phone calls and warm smiles in the weeks following.

L., C., M., and G.
December 28, 2018

Milton and Staff,
Thank you so much for all you did with the passing of B. You certainly made a most difficult time as easy as possible. I will never forget your compassion.
Sincerely, L. J.

L. J.
November 26, 2018

Dear Milton,
We cannot thank you enough for all you and your staff did to help us plan and execute M.'s service. Thank you so much for working with us on the details. You run an impressive shop! Thanks for everything.

R and S
September 21, 2018

To all the staff at Hart's,
There are not enough words to express our thanks to all who worked C.'s service. Thanks for all the love that was shown that made the service such a sweet service. I don't think I could work with with any better group of people. Thanks for all of your love!


There is no way that I can begin to thank you for all you did to make C.'s passing much easier for all of our family. You were here for us in every way.
You knocked on our door at 11 PM the night she went to Heaven. I will never forget all of the extra things you did for us and making the service such a sweet service.
Thank your dad for being there and tell Mary Ann we love her also.
I've always bragged about how Hart's cares for the families they are serving. I will never forget all you did for us.


Dear folks,
No words would be there for me to tell all of you my thanks and love for your help and concern.

S. A.

Dear Milton,
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with Hart's at the cupola. All your staff was so caring and helpful. You made a very difficult time a little easier. It was a lovely service and your folks your part. Everyone commented about how welcome the water was at the hot cemetery.
Thanks for having everything run so smoothly.
I am doing OK. Still hard to believe T. is not here, but life goes on.

S. M.

Milton Jr. and Milton Sr.,
You both have won my heart - forever!! You made a sad day not so sad, a final goodbye not so hard and helped us all in every way you could accomodate our wishes. That's what my family calls "loving each other thru the pain, the heart-ache and the hard times".
Thank you for being who you are and never change.
P.S. - Milton, you raised a wonderful son. And taught him well. you trained your staff to be kind and caring. It was such a joy to meet you and now feel like I know you - Hart's will always be my choice.
Milton Jr., Thank you ever so much for all of it. You did an incredible job for us and I'm sure you will have a very successful future - I will keep smiling like you told me to do!!!

C. C.

I want to thank you for everything you did for D.'s funeral. It could not have been more appropriate with the military send-off. As many times you have served our family, I fully believe they sent their approval for this one. D. thought the world of you and your dad and I thank you for this last act of kindness towards him.


Dear Milton,
Please accept this belated, but by no means less sincere, note of thanks for all that you and your staff did last July when the time came to lay my father to rest. Of all the concerns attending such an event, the one which impressed me the most was your taking the time to com evisit me in the hospital so we could finalize the obituary for the paper. That was first-class!
On behalf of the M. family, I thank you and your staff again for the thoroughly professional and quietly compassionate way in which you assisted us in our time of need.

H. M.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help & kindness, as well as your staff. Mom would have liked working with you.

L. H.

Dear Milton,
Once again, you have been an invaluable help to our family as we dealt with a loved one's death. You truly have a gift of compassion and, when needed, a huge store store of patience when it comes to making people and their individual needs feel respected and "seen".
Thanks for being with us throughout Mom's arrangements and for helping make her funreal such a dignified and uplifting experience.
Hopefully, we won't need to "work" with you for a while - but we always look forward to seeing you!
In appreciation and love.


Dear Milton,
R. and I along with our mother would like to thank you and all the other dedicated staff members for the fine job arranging our father's graveside service. Your professional guidance, thoughtfulness, and support during this difficult time was greatly appreciated.
It takes very special people to do what you do and do it with excellence. Daddy would have been very satisfied with such a dignified and reverent service. You brought much comfort to our family and we are grateful.


Dear Mr. Heard, Milton, and staff of Hart's Mortuary,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the very nice service we received for my mother's funeral.
Milton, from the time you came to the nursing home till the end of the funeral your service to our family was just perfect! Your support was very much appreciated by the whole family!

I. P.

THe F.'s and I just wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful service for L. It was a wonderful tribute to her life. You , in particular, were extremely impressive - very communicative, flexible, professional, and attention to detail. We could not have been more happy with the services you and Hart's provided. Please thank your team for a job well done.

R. F.

Dear Milton,
Thank you for your kind attention to our family during our recent bereavement. Your organization and professionalism made a difficult time easier to bear. It was comforting to know that we could count on you to take care of the details.
Thak you again for your wonderful service.

L. W.

Dear Milton,
I just wanted to thank you for making a very difficult time in my family's life much easier. You were wonderful in all aspects of planning and assisting in my Dad's funeral. Thanks again and please keep us in your prayers!

J. W.

Dear Milton,
On behalf of my Dad and my entire family, I extend our heart-felt gratitude to you and your Dad for the compassionate and professional service you provided from our first meeting and through Mother's service.
Your personal attention and careful handling of all details eased our minds and hearts. Thank you for all you did for us.

G. F.

Dear Milton -
I just wanted to pass along a sincere "Thank you" to you and your staff at Hart's for the class and dignity with which you served the family and all of us during the last few days.
Thank you for being sensitive to a very large family of people who desired nothing more than to honor memory of a real life hero. Your service and attention to the needs of a whole bunch of people was first class and exemplary.
Blessings to you and to God be all the glory.


Milton and Laura,
What a beautiful couple you two are! Laura, thank you for attending Ms. M.'s service. Your support meant a lot to us. Milton, the service was beautiful. We know you and your family are very proud of the wonderful, loving, profesional services that you provide to the community through your business.
Thank you for everything!

H. and L.

Milton & staff,
We want to express our deepest appreciation for the compasssion shown to us as we made arrangements for our mom and granny's final resting place. We are still in awe of how far beyond the "call of duty" that you went in making our final tribute to her so meaningful. The gum in her memorial brochure touched so many hearts, especially the grandchildren. Your professionalism in handling each question and decision was tempered with such concern and thoughtfulness that it took away some of the rawness of the situation. We will be forever grateful for your concern.

The A. family

Dear Milton and all staff,
W. and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness & support during this difficult time.
You guys were so helpful & did an amazing job preparing and performing all of the different parts of E.'s service.
Thank you for your compassion & for taking such good care of us. We have never planned a funeral before & we are forever indebted to you all for taking care of everything & for being so wonderful.

K. W.

Dear Milton,
J. and I want to express our sincere appreciation for all your help in planning and organizing my mother's memorial service. Your personality made the whole process so easy and comforting. I also want to thank you for working with me on creating the memorial book from As I told you, and you could clearly see, I am electronically challenged!! You brought laughter to the project and made it fun. I thank you for your patience. Our wish is to remain friends and we look forward to sharing time together under different circumstances. Again, Thank you and your entire staff.

M. D.

Dear Milton
Thank you so much for the sweet & warm way you assisted our family with Mother's arrangements. Your attention to detail was exemplary. It's such a hard time in our lives and your kindness & support made it easier.
A special thanks from me when you arranged for L. to sit next to me.
You will never know how precious that sensitivity meant to me.
You are truly good at your profession. We are so grateful for all you did for us.

L., M. and D.

Dear Milton,
Thank yo so much for all of your kindness and comforting ways. I can't tell you how much it meant to R. and I to know that with one phone call you were going to take care of us. We appreciate everything that you did to take the burden off of us and our family.


Dear Milton,
I can't tell you how wonderful you were to work with in arranging Daddy's funeral and for the two of you to have had the relationship you had.
Your sense of humor is delightful and really took our sadness away for a brief time. You guided us through the process so easily and watched over us during the funeral. That meant so much to myself and my family. Hope to see you under happier circumstances.

D. J.

Dear Milton,
Losing R. has been so hard. Many thanks to you, your precious dad, and all of the people at Hart's for thinking of EVERYTHING and making this sad time a little easier on me and my boys.
I am so glad I was able to get to know you, and I look forward to visiting with you one day soon. I am sure you have been told this many times... you are wonderful at your job.


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